Awakening the Peaceful Goddess: Warrior of the Light


The Peaceful Goddess Warrior of the Light



The food for her Soul, Heart, and Mind is LOVE & PEACE. She takes on NO blames, Shames or Shit(Nonsense) from anybody.

She loves herself enough to forgive herself and the ones that have crossed her Path.

Her HEART is PURE as SUN and holds no anger towards anyone.

She stands tall and always raise from the ashes no matter how much the fall hurts. She knows that in truth…she can NEVER be broken for GOD/GODESS is Mighty in her.

Her Love for the Creator gives her Glowing BEAUTY and Luminous RADIANCE that comes not from this world, comes from GOD, the Mother.

She knows in her Heart that she is one with her and that Her GRACE is her Sufficiency.

Armed with a strong DETERMINATION, invincible STRENGTH and POWER of LIGHT, She knows that no matter how much difficult the Journey can be, she will overcome her challenges(battle) and the darkness that the world and other people try to place upon her….

She knows that no matter the falls…

She will fulfill her DESTINY & will be VICTORIOUS for ETERNITY.

“Awakening the Beautiful Goddess that I AM”