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Eternal Dance of Evolutional Soul

September 24 & October 1, 2018


We are entering Sun in Libra, sign of Harmony & Balance. And we entered powerful Fall Equinox on 22 of September, hit the mid point of equal day, equal night.
On September 24, we have Aries Full Moon. And in the sky, we have Mars Squaring Uranus, it means restless period, erratic, rebellious energy running through us really digging up our old wounds and bring us healing force forward many layers of onion of our past. This Full Moon can Illuminate our old wounds bring us powerful Healing Journey. Healing our sexual energy, oppression and sexual trauma. Sexuality is more than just pleasure or having fun and sleep with whoever or mere reproduction. Sexuality is fundamental creative force in us. Healing our sense of soul’s Innocence and divine flow and Healing our Victim mentality, and deeper sense of who we are as individual and come out from hiding, and Healing our confident. At the same time it is opportunity to purging out our old wounds to surface so we can clean up and actualize our deeper desires into reality.
It has been very interesting time, the eternal dance of Light & Darkness, Masculine & Feminine, and Positive & Negative, Inside and Outside, Yin & Yang. We are living in polarizing dualistic reality back and forth. It is not about good and bad, right and wrong, it is about what it is, we are creating, according to what we need.. It has been very big time of Alchemical year, if you recognize it, very intense period of Chaos; ”The Dance of Darkness and Light” hit each other as big bomb: the old have to be destroyed yet the new is not born yet. We have been slap repeatedly, and life is trying to wake up us from illusion and asking us, “Stand up straight, getting ourselves together, in terms of, “Who are you?”, ”Can I trust you?”, “ Are you good or bad?”, there has been lot of evaluation going on between us. Are you evolved enough?
This long night of “Dark Night of Soul”, as old mythical symbol, the Serpent is eating it’s own tail.
This has been very intense year, “Alchemy of Transformation” through “Death and Resurrection”, we have been walk through the valley of darkness. Light shown upon through darkness, for those ready to transform their life. It has been big year of transformation, if you willing to recognize the Light of Spirit, the Unity Consciousness of Celestial world. “Light & Dark” make love together, coming together and create new birth, re-emergence of getting into new beginning. After the dark night, Sun needs to be rise. We need to Master ourselves, our Values, “Who am I?”, “What are my Priority?”, Of Eternal Dance of “Evolutional Soul”. “Do I lost in temporal impermanence?”, or “Do I look for the Eternal?” We are on the “Cycle of time”.
Hopefully we are evolved into “New “Person”. We created ourselves “Who I am?” into new person after these intense Eclipse Season. It is time for us pushing through as New birth, it is time for us Liberation from old dysfunctional self. Let go of past, and ready for New Relationship with Evolved Authentic New Self.


New Moon in Virgo

September 3 & 10, 2018

We are in the month of Virgo season. Virgo is representing High Priestess, she is connect to Earth, she is Medicine Woman, she is tune with her body and create Master Piece with her Life.
This begins with Self and focus on Self healing, to be strong and confident.
The key words here is “Relationship”
Relationship is big theme going on this summer, 2018.
Lots of reflecting and reviewing what we value, what we sharing, what we cherishing our value with others and the world around and finding balance and harmony in relationship. And asking the questions;
Is this relationship actually supported mutually, actually functioning healthy and harmoniously allows us come together more intimately as well as well sharing our own uniqueness individual gifts without conflicts and disturbance?
New moon in Virgo on September 9, is very nurturing, practical grounding and beautiful supportive energy to improve our selves to heal, fix, solve and more efficient in highest form. It is looking for simplicity, looking for solutions, and looking for where we need to go, for crystal clear direction. It also looking for Cleanliness, clear the excess clutters in your house, in your head what you need to be simplify so we can focus what we need to be prioritize. This beautiful New Moon energy urging us forward and comeback to ourselves and notice what we need to do and take care of ourselves.
This New Moon has powerful support from outer planet Pluto. Pluto trine Sun and Moon, it gives us powerful download of support. It has been difficult process of transformative inner work you’ve been doing, Pluto support us feeling grounding and stability in our body, in our sense of purpose, bring us sense of new strength. Pluto is representing Soul’s Evolution, how you are mastering brand newness to your Soul. This is acknowledgement energy, Pluto is saying to us Transformation is happening to you, and you are supported new version of Self.
Honoring what you’ve been working through during three eclipses season in this summer, we will start to feel integration of Self as grounded reality really who you are now. Addition to this, Sun and Moon are receiving from Jupiter in Scorpio energy. Jupiter also represent Transformation, saying to us, “you are strong enough” keep the positive energy and balance humanness and spiritual being. Jupiter is teaching us the wisdom to Sense the grounded support in the higher realm.
For this you need to relax and letting go of old habits of the survival fears.
Let go and Let God allow us trust and surrendering to the receptive mode.
Allow the divine support coming from huge cosmic spectrum of Divine Light. Regain clarity, sense of direction and communication by reflecting sense of individual purpose, sense of specialness, with your own unique identity, truly gifted who you are. This feeling of specialness, sense of uniqueness of who you are, will help you finding connection, and illuminate your sense of purpose. We wake up every day with sense of reason to be live, and having sense of energy to be alive and it will gives us sense of connecting bigger than our selves,.
It will give us sense of adventurous being as human being, As Contributing unique self expression, finding sense of service allows us feel more fulfillment.
Other lovely energy here is Grand trine on Earth sign energy, with giant triangle. It brings us different vibration in our body and getting stuff done. It brings us New Reflection of Self. Honoring this Change, and Commitment, we will Feel Fresh Feel Open Ourself, Feel New Possibility and Ankering Our Dreams and Visions, start to have Healthy Diet and Healthy Routine.
We are not doing old way, rather ahead of time forward thinking, or humanitarian in nature, evoke more sense of excitement and sense of purpose guaranteed more success, by willing to take risk something doing differently, improve better way doing things, healthy relationship with Life itself.

Hope this New Moon in Virgo bring us:

Manifestation of Prosperity.

Manifestation of Healthy Relationship.

Feeling of Satisfaction & Content.

Feeling of Appreciation.

Experience of Divine Rapture.

Feel the Presence of Love


Monday with Hiah Park
August 20 & 27, 2018


This week we are entering into Sun in Virgo and Full Moon in Pisces on August 26.
This Full Moon Energy shows us power of gentleness and kindness and peace within. By listening quiet whispering intuitive inner voice. We need to take some quiet time to raise our higher perspective in order to spire up to next dimension spiritually. This Full Moon Energy will bring us positive surprise and very powerful wonder, if we are ready. This mystical Piscean energy will remind us, we are not only physical being but as much as we are Spiritual Being. It is good time to reflect and ask yourself, “Where you are now in your spiritual path?” It is energy of Illumination, and heightened awareness of personal spiritual evolution. What did we learn last 12 months previous cycle? Now you are ready to go on next level. You can find a peace within, by Accept what it is and moving forward. Be quietness in humanness will assist us our dark side of fears, deep down resentment, doubts of shadow side to surrender to the bigger purpose of our life. It will stretch us into vastness of Spiritual Realm. Planet Jupiter is helping us to see our higher self of bigger picture, and learning wisdom from shadow side of unconscious part in us. Discovering hidden talents bring into the light and continuing to expand to the higher dimension. Here we need to have mental strength, despite of our fears to support this process. New understanding who you are, clear understanding what is your value, and self worth.
Moon Sextile with Saturn and Uranus, all in harmony position during this Full Moon, creating shape of kite. This kite is lifting us up to where you want to soar. Where do you want to soar up with easy and grace in Soul level, toward the Universal Self.
Uranus brings out our Subconscious memory and desire to deconditioning from Saturnian constructs and release from construction. This release triggers for transformation, Liberation, Freedom. It will become blue print to your future self, to free from social, familial, religious, educational, career boundaries and restrictions and breaking new ground. This will lead us place of healing and awakening and liberation. And learn to breathe air and ideas that we want to journey back to our own bigger Self who has connection to the Ultimate Whole with Divine Source Within. Uranus invites us to use our own authority, free from the basis of our resume, and credentials and asking for liberation, for resolution. And it is time to be awaken, shake our vibratory field, and integrate and heal and allow ourselves to be free which no longer serves us.
It is cycle of uplift, Uranus reminds us go beyond Survival, and vision your dream much bigger. Remembering our own value and interconnectedness of all life and share with Gaia, Mother Earth and whole humanity. We are arrived and preparing the Aquarian Age with Uranus in Taurus.
Uranus is our liberator and future self. It may shock us from the Taurean comfort zone, but it can be channeled and allow ourselves attuned to our own nature by increased awareness of our own vibratory field. During this transition through Taurus, we can practice grounding the genius that comes through Uranus and release the shaky energy of our past trauma and practice to channel the energy and release the excess. In our higher mind, the lightening of Uranus can be channeled, instead of burning house down, it make pure inspirational electricity in our nervous system.
Uranus energy appear as trauma, shock, awe, liberation, alienation, however, we can allow ourselves to perceive as pure inspiration leading into a full, and a conscious life.


Let this Pisces Full Moon bring to us:
Absence of hatred
Absence of harm
Feel the Presence of Love
Presence of Stability
Presence of Well-Being
Promise of Joyful Journey
The Promise of Exhilaration & Bliss !!

Summer - Eclipse


AUGUST 6 & 13, 2018


This summer, we are having three Eclipse. Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 11, Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27, and Leo Solar Eclipse on August 11.
Moon’s Nodes are going through Aquarius and Leo.
It’s been wild ride, fast moving pace of change. Eclipse are most powerful transit you can experience and major completion in your life. We are also having summer of Retrograde. Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron are moving backward and Uranus will join them on August 7. It means 6 Planets are reversing at the time of Eclipse on August 11. It is incredible reverse energy. It is very unique Leo New Moon. Leo rules Heart, rules children, include your inner child, your soul. Leo is about Leadership, creativity, being Authentic and true to your Nature and desire to express your truth. Leo teaches us living from our Heart and Passion. It is time to ask, “What does our heart want?” “Where is our passion?” This Eclipse can be really stirs up our hearts. It is time to deeper looking at these questions.
Pluto urges us changes, rebirth in all things, in our work, in our identity, in our finances, in our relationship, in our career, in our health. It brings cosmic message for you during time of Eclipse. It is our destiny to make it happen because hand of God is directing you during this time. It is very important time to clean up our negative Ego and take time to listen Divine message.
We need to Be patient, Be humble, and Pay attention to the signs come to you, prepare move on to the next level. Get out in the nature and listen to your soul and Inner child, listen when God is talking to you directly during this Solar Eclipse.
It is best time to let go of which is no longer serving you, and it is time to plant the seed into fertile ground.
It will be fun ride if you go with flow, and stay out of drama coming from egotistic selfish emotions.
We are living in the time of waking up and preparing for the birth of Aquarian Age.
Mars squares Uranus, this intense energy triggers it can provoke our tempers, specially those people who are really angry.
People can be over reacting to the smallest things. Make sure you get plenty rest because this energy can really burn you out. Be vulnerable to experience Mystery of Life.
Personal relationship may be under the gun during August month with Mercury retrograde in Leo. Leo rules heart, in the area of romance and true love. The relationships are very challenge at this time of Eclipse. We could misunderstand our partner, easily misunderstand and argument with nothing. Be aware of what’s pushing your button, and why you are reacting the way you are. It is very stubborn energy, because all these inflexibility of fixed signs.
Important message of this month is Living from your heart, and true to yourself, no matter what situations you are in.
Mercury retrograde gives us chance to reflect, review and remember our lessons:
Be observer of your life, and rise above your drama and recognize you are the creator of your own life and your own happiness.
Be flexible and adaptable during these ocean of chaos and change, and mindset to grow through pain and suffering instead of victimization of self pity.
With this positive attitude, life is supporting me and guiding me, and improve myself, becoming better people.


Gently, gracefully, expand our awareness and our limitations.


Death & Rebirth, it is Huge period of Transformation.
It is Very Big Time.
Hopefully we are able to shift from “Head” to “Heart”. So we are able to seeing from the higher dimension.


Enjoy Vitality,
Sense of Freshness,
Bring new Light
Deep into your Heart!!!



Be Spiritual Warrior!!

Monday with Hiah Park
April 9 & 16, 2018


Month of April, we have very powerful active New Moon in Aries on 15 of April. We are all “Awakening” with sense of new direction and clarify our soul’s purpose with heart, mind connection.
It will bring us breaking free from our habitual old box of limitation and allow us to flow with cosmic surfing, and consciously raise our frequencies and ride higher wave of dimension with free will.
Recognizing we are more holistically interconnected more unified within. As we understanding purpose of our life, we are initiating new realities and allow us everything become creative play, creating joyful life in every aspect of our life with new level of understanding, while we are going through cathartic experiences.
There are strong influences of planets, Saturn, Pluto, Chiron and Uranus. Sun squaring Pluto means, it is time for change and powerful way breakthrough transformation of our anxieties, fears by learn how to use this powerful energy for deeper alignment of inside out, like a pressure cooker. Driven by unconscious feelings from past. Respecting and honoring our individual souls, pain and suffering of life and our wounded in the past (Collective suffering of the world; Existential fear, addiction, workaholic, escapism) bring awareness our lost of innocence, victim feelings which is not perfect. Good news here is, we realize, we need to change!!
It lead us into deeper awakening true purpose of life__this “Divine Discontent” toward serious Healing and Spirituality.
As we feeling pains, it allows us to purge and lead us to evolutionary soul’s journey. Even in this pain, in a poetic sense, we can feel there is Heart felt Love.
There is beautiful Juice of Blissful Ecstasy!!


Surrender to this Process of Life, Blissful Spectrum of Passion and Reawaken, Reborn, allow us, “Death & Rebirth”, as Phoenix, Moving Forward.
It is time to act bold action and time to reunite soul family, to help Divine Feminine Light.
It is very powerful productive Awakening Period.
Let us make this Earth into Natural Blissful Place to live!!


Be Spiritual Warrior!!


Time to Treasure Hunting what we have within us


Monday with Hiah Park
March 26 & April 2, 2018


We have very powerful Full Moon in Libra on 31 of March. This is second Blue Moon in 2018.
Libra teaches us something to do with love and relationships. Libra seeks Harmony, & Balance, no Conflict. It is not always easy task, when many cardinal planets are T-squaring and opposing each other. This can creates Strong emotions provoke, bring us unpleasant surprise in our relationships, it can be annoyed, long lasting effect. Hopefully this will bring us detoxing in our relationships, awaken and remind us importance of profound Love, and New Life Purpose, by elevating Consciousness. It is great chance to understand more deeply ourselves and others in our relationships.
Hard angle with Mars energy, also hard angle with Sun & Mercury & Saturn, it can bring us emotional fire work, it will make very interesting Saturday night with sense of urgency in our relationships.
We need to be very wise with our truth, passion, and understand true power, by listening more deeply our needs. We need to be cool with what we are saying when Sun & Moon squaring Mars, if we want our relationship very harmonious and running smoothly.
The most important thing is, trying to be balance with ourself, when we confront with peoples who controlling and very demanding, with Mars & Saturn energy pushing you may be you don’t want to do. Libra want to keep peace & balance, but the opposite is going on in daily basis.
Sun in Airy and Mercury retrograde since 22 of March till April 22, it means slow down. Ask your self, “Are you live with Authentic Self? You have chance to review.
This Full Moon will show us where you are, “out of balance” with your self and your relationship.
Go with flow….No stress …., working on your own self-sufficiency and up grade all your relationship by focus on your own personal growth. Be free of hunger and frustration and any sense of lack. This is ultimate state of harmony and balance.
When you are aligned with your self, you can create what you want. You are not allowing abundance health, relationship what you want come to you, if you always focusing on your problems, and if you are arguing with your limitation, you are not able to receive.
When we are contact with our creative self, we are flow with universal Self, Universe will empower you with sense of abundance.
New perspective, New Life purpose, comes from not lost our self in external needs. It is time to Treasure hunting what we have within us ….
In this very powerful Full Moon,
Be self-sufficient,
Be abundant,
Be creative,
Be with your Inner Child,
Be generous to your self & others…
Be appreciate Beauty around us...
Be open to New Life Purpose….


Happy Blue Full Moon!!


Happy Equinox!!!

Monday with Hiah Park
March 12 & 19, 2018

We have very powerful Pisces New Moon on 17 of March plus planet Jupiter is retrograde since March 8 and Spring Equinox on 21 of March.
It is very powerful transit for the Spiritual Awakening, and big shift.
It is our opportunity internalize in depth, with intense energy, excavating our old wounds and seeking our truth in soul level.
New Moon is always time for completion and new beginning. Ask our self, what is our priority value, what we really want? And try to get rid of what is no longer serve us in any way, the destructive patterns and addictions,
Where we lost our innocence and purity in our soul?
Planet Jupiter in Scorpio and moon in Pisces may support us transforming our inner truth and gives us an opportunity help us Listen to our guidance and wisdom for personal growth.
This is an opportunity to gain immense healing possibility, by purging energy, psychological and emotional purging, which we buried deeply long period since many lives.
It is also very challenging and stressful time to confronting our pains and deep wounds. However, it is very powerful ttransit for Death & Rebirth by digging out deeper emotions and find meaningful treasure deep within us. if we have courage to remember we are born again and again for this purpose, evolutional soul’s journey and mastering our own destiny.
It is time for letting go…..and
Healing the crises…..
Be open hearted,
Be still our confused mind…
Be Egoless…
It is great opportunity to surrender to Expand the spectrum of consciousness.

Happy Equinox!!!

Connection to Collective Unconsciousness

Monday with Hiah Park
February 26 & March 5, 2018


We are entering sun in dreamy planet, Neptune, Pisces. Pisces represent Very Spiritual, self sacrificing, intuitive, and psychic energy, connection to collective unconsciousness, or akashic memory revealing, uncovering the mystery.
Key here is, Be open minded, Be aware, Be flexible, Calm ourselves, Greater Expansion, Seeing a bigger picture, Be Holistic, by coming into our Heart, Be Romantic with ourselves.
Deeply Imaginative, set the long terms goal, connecting our truth, and not denying personal needs, also accept where we are right now.. To be successful means Spiritual attainment in our partnership, and relationship for connection, we can work together, while we keep independent and freedom, give each other space, still can be romantic and passionate and spicy hot.
Integrate between Dance of Union & Separation while we are Celebrating life together,
March 1, in US, March 2, in Europe, we have powerful Virgo Full Moon. This energy will help us practical level, feeling something positive change by listening Spiritual information, and practical guidance. It is wonderful time to create sense of beauty, Sense of wisdom on introspective way.
Feeling of Fruits of your labor, sense of achievement. It is time for the Early Spring de clutter, most efficient way, not only materially, but emotionally also.
Watch a breath, mindful way, tune into your state of frequency is wonderful practice.
It is also great time to detoxification. Healing physically & emotionally also with clean diet.
It is wonderful time to meditate connect to the Source. Loose your self dynamically, by writing, painting, listening music, loosing yourself in the moment.
Enjoy sense of Love and harmony, mental clarity, sense of strength and sense of hope, healing possibility.


There is Blessing Energy, it is all up to us how to use our Free Will.

Enjoy the Bliss!


Monday with Hiah Park
February 12 & 19, 2018


This coming week, we have Valentine’s Day on February 14 & Solar Eclipse on February18.
It is great time to Experience Sacred Sexual Union with Loved Ones for the sake of Evolutionary Journey of your Soul.
Once upon a time, our Sexuality was considered as the most Intense Spiritual Dimension.
Sacred Sex is a form of Spiritual Union one can experience based on intense arousal of emotions with Self and your loved one as a way of Meditation. It gives a chance to the lovers to make spiritual bond with his/her own body & soul with the partner to bring intense feelings of positive emotions and transcend into higher consciousness.
It adds dimensions of Spiritual Love to one’s psyche,. It can be also practiced alone or with a partner. It is not guided to satisfy sexual desires, but to achieve a state of Divine Ecstasy, which is beyond physical dimensions. It gives an opportunity to understand each other and bring your best in the bonding process, brings an intense emotional love between the two partners by activating sexual channels in the brain and your heart (body). It takes the couple to new divine dimensions to explore how much they can achieve Empowering Consciousness for Self and your partner. It stimulate you spiritually, physically, emotionally and sexually to reboot your overall well-being.


Breath!! and let go of control while these sounds empower your mind (Soul) and body.


Enjoy the Bliss!
Happy Valentine!!


Super Blue Moon in Leo

Monday with Hiah Park

January 29 & February 5, 2018


Wednesday, 31 of January is Lunar Eclipse and also Super Blue Moon in Leo. This will be most powerful transit you may experience. It can bring us lots of new beginning as well as ending. Raise your vibration powerfully, to wrapping up unfinished business. This is powerful transition from dreamy Neptunian energy into revolutionary Age of Aquarian. Planets are trying to wake us up from Patriarch condition into Liberation through emotional detachment, and objective space, higher consciousness.

Confronting your own reality, and able to see Change, Release Free ourselves, Letting go of old conditions.

Evolutionary New Self,

Revolting our Family conditioning, Racial conditioning, Religious conditioning, Sexual conditioning, Unhealthy Co-Dependent Relationship.
We have enough of that.

Revel against even our own self.

We want to look at constructive way to observe, few step back, non-attachment.

Stir up the “Cage”…, “detach” in order to conscious awareness of our unfinished business. Discard all our conditioning is very scary process. However, we can start to look at “Life as experiment”.

Don’t get caught up rigidity.

Not overly identify with old conditions, detach from that. We need to step back look at ourselves, “wounded child”, “early childhood condition”, we can see repeative patterns in our relationship, sexual relationship issue, Power & Powerlessness.

It is time to encourage every one move into positive New Paradigm movement: Anti or Reviewing, Doctors, Dogma of Religion and against old identity emerge coming together with new group same idea, same vision, innovate new future by sharing our resources.

Fighting against and resist, and Confronting with old identity, fragmented self with guilt, shame, and doubt require powerful positive New Age Evolutionary Energy, like Lava.

Let’s look at the positive side of this process. We can open up our crown chakra, and discover Divinity, Divine child within through our creativity and spiritual practice.

We can leap towards Self-Actualization, finding our own unique Gift & Capacity moving into as Seer, Visionary for the future, the Golden Age and Evolutionary Growth,

Become a Model, and Example.

Coming out from hiding in the Box and closet, be Seen.

We are Mother or Midwife of New Birth of Golden Age.

It is time for “Mobilize” our hidden Gift in each one of us

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