Private Sessions

This individual private session takes place in very safe environment for the clients. It last normally from one hour to hour and half, depends on the individuals.This private session is allowing the soul life to express, because there is harmony in the vehicles of expression. And the person finds that this spiritual energy flows through him/her more easily after sessions.


Shaman has the ability to see how the lines of life energy are moving and so she knows what is going to happen next. So she can advise according to what she sees. In this one-to-one session, clients can get benefit by re-established the alignmenht of each different bodies, from casual body to etheric body to physical brain, and then to the astral body and mental bodies. Any disturbance in the mental or astral body could block the soul contact reaching through to the physical brain level. The clients will also be receiving specific impacts of energy to help accomplish this. The clients will vitalize the the etheric and physical bodies and make it easier to achieve a state of health and well-being.


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