Mu-A, which literally means no-self (ego), the state of no conflict, which is ecstatic trance state, where the Korean shaman becomes one with spirit. It is an experience of equanimity, the dynamic stillness.

Ecstatic Trance: Ecstasy is a sensation which is encountered in our hearts. It is seeing and hearing with the heart rather than just with eyes and ears. It is also a flame which springs up in the heart out of longing, to see and to become one with its truth (God).

The purpose of my work is to share this experience with others. Dance creates a joy pouring forth from within, a deep sense of beauty, a state of ecstatic exhilaration. When dance becomes meditation, it flowers into love, and this flowering is a movement toward the divine.


Other Workshop Themes: 

  • Shamanic Healing through Trance Dance
  • Rite of Passage: Women's Empowerment
  • Healing Movement & Meditation


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  1. Transforming & Improving our Health and Life: The first workshop lays the ground work for the preparation for tapping into the cosmic energy, male principle, and female principle of cosmic energy in the human psychic. Here we learn how to sense and purify our auric field (energy field) and raise our vibration . We learn how to use shamanic healing voices and shamanic trance dance techniques.
  2. Transforming & Improving our Selves and the World: This workshop is designed for self-discovery. Finding a higher level of love and passion of Divine Energy in our self. Discovering true Divine Power in us and learn how to use this marvelous Divine Tool-this tool is highest quality of our mind, body and the spirit, the limitless creativity of our imagination. Finding the purpose and meaning of our life is the shamanic Trance Dance.
  3. Mystical Aspect of Shamanic Trance Dance: "Body as Spiritual Tool" In this workshop, we will focus how to use our Passion and Emotional Energy, and relearn to loving our body and accepting it, and how to cope with physical world around us. For the shaman, the word "heaven" means in contact with life energy, with a wisdom beyond intellect, it stands for intuition and insight of the higher order. The place of passion and the use of emotional energy is like a flame. You will learn how to manage it and how can we use this flame to serve selves and the world.
  4. Power of the Mind: Escalating our Mind and Expanding our Awareness Mind & Energy. Mind & Healing. Application on Dreams. Kundalini, Gods, and Energy. Thoughts on Humility and Gratitude. Thoughts on Sexual Energy: how we can use this energy to be free from co-dependency. Reflection on Maya (Illusion). The Interpersonal Ethic. Thoughts on Addiction.
  5. Power of Breath: Breath & Healing. Sound & Healing. We will learn effect of Shamanic Voices & Cosmic Rhythm: Control over the central nervous system and mind. This discipline will enhance the ability to manage the selfishness and passion of the lower self under control.
  6. Power & Energy: Theme on Inaudible Hearing - The Goddess of Speech - Thought on Ego and Responsibility. Divine Light Invocation. Meditation on the Light. Perception and Use of Neutral Energy. Increase Power of Concentration.
  7. Divine Union: Sakta(Siva) / Sakti: Levels of Consciousness - View of the Spine. Reflection on body as a Garden and Temple. Becoming all knowing, becoming all-seeing. Shamanic Vision & New Millennium.


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