Education University of California, Los Angeles, 1975-1978
Master of Arts (1991) Dance Ethnology

University of Washington, 1967-1969
Graduate Studies in Ethnomusicology

Seoul National University, College of Music, 1959-1963,
Bachelor of Arts

National Classical Music and Dance Institute of Korea, 1955-1963

University education

Trinity College, Hartford CT, 1995-2000
Visiting Associate Professor, Theater & Dance Department:
Improvisation, Asian Theater & Dance, Movement & Meditation
Department of Religion: Shamanism, Myth, Art and Shamanism, Experiencial Shamanism (Freshmen Seminar)

Music Department: Music and Mystic Path of AsiaWomen's Studies Program: Women and Healing

University of California, San Diego, 1983-1986
Visiting Lecturer, Music Dept.: Movement and Sound Improvisation.

University of California, Irvine, Nov.- Dec. 1983
Lecturer in association with Jerzy Grotowski, Drama Deptment

University of California, Los Angeles, 1975-1978
Visiting Lecturer, Dance Department: Dance of Korea

American Society for Eastern Art, Summer School, 1973-1974
Lecturer & Performer, Music and Dance of Korea

University of Washington, 1967-1969
Far Eastern Department, Lecturer: Korean Language Ethnomusicology Dept, Lecturer: Korean Music and Dance

Northwestern Nazarene College, Idaho, 1966-1967
Visiting Artist, Asian Academic Institute, Lecturer & Performer: Korean Court & Folk Music and Dance

National Classical Music and Dance Institute of Korea, 1963-1966
Teacher: Korean Court Dance, Art History of Korean Music & Dance

Chung-Ang Girls High School, Korea, 1963-1964
Teacher: Kayakeum (Korean classical stringed instrument)

Business activitities

Initiated Shaman, Speaker, Lecturer, Master Class, Workshop Leader, Performance.

International Conferences: Universities, Institutes, and Healing Centers, 1981-present

Shamanic Trance Dance & Ritual, 1981-present

Performing Artist, Solo Dancer: Korean Classical Music & Dance and Dance Improvisation, 1966-present

National Classical Music Institute, 1963-1966 Court Musician (Korea's first woman Court Musician)

Lecture and course

2001: Ethnomed(Institute for Ethonomedicine), Korean Shamanism, Munich, Germany (Rituale Der Heilung), Shamanism Workshop, at Napoli, Ventotene, Biella, Italy

2000: International Conference, shamanism at Garmaeschi, GermanyPerformance and Workshop, at Milan, Biella, Sardegna, Italy.

1999: Performances and Workshops, at Zurich,Switzerland; Milan & Venice, Italy; Vienna, Austria; and Frankfurt, Germany

1998: Iinternational Conferences, at Pavia,Italy; Alpbach, Austria; and Hamburg and Glonn, Germany, Lecture, Performance, & Workshops: "Shamanism and Healing"

1997: The Nun's Circle; Global Re-Visioning of Women in Sacred Practice, Trinity College, Hartford, CT

1995: Celebrating the Feminine Sacred, Trinity College, Hartford, CT

1994: International "Energy Healing" Conference in Basil, Switzerland,University of California at Los Angeles

1993: International Shamanism Research Conference, Hungary, Asia Society in New York, Trinity College, Hartford, CT

1992: Berlin University, Germany, Gottingham University, Germany

1990: LA Art Festival; Lecture in Asian Spirituality and Art


Lecture & Performance, "Shaman's Initiation," Carlton College, Minneapolis MN

"Sacred Mountain of Asia" published by Shambala, Interview with Lauren Deutsch

"Initiation into Ecstasy: an Interview with Hi-ah Park, Korean Mudang," Shaman's Drum, by Nina Otis Haft, cover story, winter, 1991.

"Visionary Voices: Women on Power," Interview by Penny Rosenwasser, San Francisco: Aunt Lute, 1992

Several articles in German, Italian, and Korean. Expecting to publish a book, Shamanism, Healing and its related Arts.

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