Passion and Divine Ecstasy: Passionate Enlightenment

Monday with Hiah Park:

April 18, 2016


Passion and Divine Ecstasy: Passionate Enlightenment


“One of the main symbols of enlightenment in Tantric Buddhism is that a Buddha couple, or male and female Buddha in union. This symbol maithuna is an image of unity and blissful concord between the sexes, a state of equilibrium and interdependence. This symbol powerfully evokes a state of primordial wholeness and completeness of being. The perennial appeal of this motif is not that it commemorates of successful seduction or cosmic manipulation but rather that it offers a vision of authentic humanity in which women and men are restored to wholeness through a delicately balanced, joyous state of harmony.”

____Miranda Shaw____


I would love to speak about the most tantalizing and evocative aspect of this symbol, which is its promise of integration of aspect of life that are normally disrespected or dismissed: Body and Spirit, Eros and Transcendence, Passion and Beatitude of Divine Ecstasy.


Please join me at the weekend workshop in Vienna:

13-15 of May, 2016 - click here for detailed information.