Personal Vibration

Monday with Hiah Park

25 of April, 2016


Everything in the universe is made of energy. It is the rate of speed at which a particular energy vibrates that distinguishes one thing from another. The ancients wisdom knew this secret. The energy you hold in your body, mind and emotions determines your personal vibration. A high, fast vibration develops consciousness. A lower, slower, heavier vibration can attract disappointments and works against spirituality.


How to raise your vibrations and enhance spirituality using ancient wisdom

• Align with like-minded people who uplift your energy field.

• Make conscious choices instead of allowing circumstances to happen by chance.

• Fill other people’s hearts with kind thoughts and compliments.

• Repetitive negative thoughts lower your personal vibration.

• Focus your thoughts on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

• Let go of limiting beliefs and obsessive attachments to others.

• Use prayer and affirmations, but try to say them aloud like the Ancient shamans did.

Use sound to raise your vibration. Listen to soothing music.


And send a Loving Energy to the whole world!!!