"Inner Pilot Light"

Monday with Hiah

August 8, 2016


“Self Healing” requires:
Caring for the Mind
Caring for the Heart
Caring for the Soul
Which is the essence, that authentic, deep, true part of ourselves, which sustain our “Inner Pilot Light” .
It is main ingredients for the “Healthy Relationship”, “Happy Professional Life”, “Express Creativity”, “Being Spiritually Connected”, “Having Healthy Sexual Life”, Healthy Financial Status”, “Living Healthy Environment”,
“Being Mentally healthy”, “Healthy sound Body”


“Inner Pilot Light” is very essential part of us, that spark, divine Light in us, which we are born with it and goes with us through out our lives and it goes with us when we die. And it always knows the truth about us our body that is our biggest healer we can tap into which is better than any medicine, better than any doctor.
It is about “Self- healing” from Core, and once you recognized this, you can start your own “Healing Journey”


It is “Love” and “Gratitude”, and “Pleasure”, these are the main blocks for our good health and glue that hold every thing together our healthy body.


If you have any physical symptom, I want you to ask yourself, “What’s the real reason I’m sick?”
“If you’re suffering from the epidemic that plagues the developed world, or suffering, what is out of balance in my whole health issue?”
What is the real diagnosis and what can you do about it?
____How can you be more honest with yourself about what you need and who you are?
____How can you be more transparent?
____How can you open yourself up to more possibility?
____How can you allow your self the power of, being true, being vulnerable, being transparent.
____How can we let out our true self be seen?
____When we let our “Inner Pilot” Radiate, you can write your own prescription for your self.


It generates love and intimacy, which increases Oxytocin and endorphins, and reduces harmful stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline.
So ask you self,
“What does your body need to get healthy?”
So you don’t need another surgery!!
If want to Enjoy ripe for the “Miracle” for your well Being, and
If you are interested in “Inner Pilot Light”, Please join me at the beautiful Schloss Rastenberg, for the “ Rainbow Body”, from 20-25 of September, 2016.




Monday with Hiah Park

July 25 & August 1, 2016


Tuesday, August 2 is New Moon in Leo.
It is good time come out from “ Dark Night of Soul”.
It is “New Beginning”, getting through shadow and darkness and become a creator of our own life more creatively, and expect major life change.
When our heart is open wonderful things will surprise and wanting to bring out creativity.
Leo associated with Heart, feeling gratitude, Love and Creativity.
We can use this time for higher Guidance and information from higher Source.
Creativity brings our dynamism, curious and inventive ability to wonder of our miraculous life, Self- Directed Evolution, New-Dimension of Growth, according to vision of Higher Self, Loving & Respectful way.
We can use Leo energy feel warmth in our Heart, Electro Magnetic Field much bigger than brain.
Open up and enjoy the freedom of unstuck from old self.
Bring out something Passion in our life.
Leo rules Heart, may this energy bring us a creativity and fun, which brings us Joy that highest Dimension.
For that, we need “Love”, “Wisdom” and “”Power”(energy) to overcome the negativity and illness.
May this New Moon brings us:
Feel Good Now, Achieve what our True Self want,.
Are we listening our Inner Voice Calling us?
Pulling out our Strength, and Passion.
Best way Feel Good is Exercise, healthy Diet, Meditate and willing to create New Body, New Life Style, to Live Powerfully. We are responsible for our behavior.
Self Care & Serve Humanity, bring your highest energy into the world.
May this New Moon brings us, “Embrace our Cosmic Self”.
“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi


Doors of perception


Monday with Hiah Park

July 11 & 18, 2016


“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.” ___William Blake___

Tuesday, 19 of July is Capricorn full moon.

May it brings us the light to support to balance, feel healthy and strong, better version of ourselves.

Be authentic,

Be honest with ourselves,

Be honest with others,

Live our life authentically from our real Self,

Rise from within, silence of our own awareness will find our True Self,

And Find Love, Beauty, and Joy in Every Experience we have.

Explore how our Self-Awareness transforms our perceptions, clearing away old conditioning, beliefs, and patterns so that we experience our self and our world into True Light!!

May this Capricorn Full moon brings us, move into union with our Higher Self and our interior senses are awakened.


Monday with Hiah Park

May 30 & June 6 & June 13, 2016


Conversation with Chinese Medicine


Love lives here

In the tranquil of heart

Sanctuary of Heaven and Earth

Shelters the true self

Flights of fancy: sweet belonging

Flow on serenity’s stream


Conversation with I ching


Love lives here

In the embodying of kindness

Heart and mind as beloveds

Free the true self

Currents of pleasure and guidance

Become the dance


Conversation with Feng Shui


Love lives here

In waves of harmony

Affinity of person and place

Illuminate the true self

Undulating resonance

Complete the circle



From “ The Three Sisters of the Tao”

By Terra Kathryn Collins