Partial Lunar Eclipse Aquarius Full Moon

Monday with Hiah Park

August 15, 2016  /  Full Moon, August 18



We can use this time for the Innovation, Inspiration, and Insight. Contribute to New Paradigm in higher level for the bigger vision; Being of success, abundance, personal breakthrough by see things differently push to the limits with focused Energy with productive intensity.
Inspired Spiritual Action of Higher Expression in Mysticism; which is Purity of Expression, Greater Compassion into 4th Dimension, we need to bring into Spiritual Community, Global Collective, use the power of Community, vision for the humanity for the greater Future.
Hope this Partial Lunar Eclipse Aquarius Full Moon help us move through Stuckness of old patterns and brings us “Inner peace”, Full of Innovative Ideas, Creativity, and the Feeling - Sense of Freedom, “What is Truth in our Heart?” and Pay Attention to we need to shift, the pivotal point.
We need to be gentle to ourselves, and focusing in details.
Aquarius Energy will bring us Do things different, love to be free, break out from old pattern, and do something different.
Uranus aspect; this is wonderful opportunity do something surprise, Lunar Eclipse is about do something New Way, take you somewhere never been before, meet some new people, more independent, break out from stuckness, and feeling great about Freedom from where you have been stuck.
New Way of Thinking, “New Point of Awareness”
How would you Express Love, Electric, Super Charge of Life purpose toward Humanity and bring people together.
Humanitarian Inspiration, How we relate to others?
Have a Wonderful Liberty Lunar Eclipse!!