Celebration of Harvest

Monday with Hiah Park

September 5, 2016



We are entering last quarter of this year, and it is also last quarter of 9 year cycle. 2016=2+1+6=9 Number 9 indicate about Ending, Culmination and Celebration of Harvest.
We need to paying attention to what is real important to us by Introspection, using our Intuition and Letting Go of which does not serving us any more.
September 9, 2016 is triple # 9. We have 3 triple 9 in this month.18 & 27 of September.
Triple # 9 is really powerful intense time to connect our soul.
#9 is master number and old Soul, we need to pay attention to Integrity of Intensify Energy. By letting go of our old Emotions which no longer serve us in any way and paying attention to Spiritual teachings, why we are here in this life, and learn our lesson.
Climb our Spiritual Journey to top of the mountain, and shining the lantern for others, helping others “Shining Brighter”!!!
It is harvest time, Nature is teaching us;
Letting Go of past
Letting Go of Regret
Letting Go of Negative Emotions
And Surrender to Big Current of Universal Teachings, Spiritual Divine Energy,
Let your Higher Self “Reveal” and Learn our lesson, Old Karmic Lesson.