New Beginning, New Hopes, New Opportunity, New Door


Monday with Hiah Park
November 28, 2016


Tomorrow we have New Moon in Sagittarius.
It implies us optimistic new beginning, new hopes, new opportunity, new door is opening.
It means we can let it go of old, out dated, unhealthy beliefs, “ Hatefulness and Division” into Better Dream, Better horizon, very positive for the future!!
When Chaos and Confusion provoke us intense emotions and make us restless,
Finding Equanimity and balance is very challenging.
It make us yearning Mysticism, bigger than us, open to higher Wisdom-Inner Truth, honesty, trustworthy, urge for Freedom, Liberation, Express Individuality, Alternative Way of Life.
Discovering Treasure within us, Great deal of Joy & Inspiration. For this,
What you need to release, let go of past—to forgive in order to feel joy, and lighter heart and free ourselves!!
Boost ourselves, bring more aliveness, by gratitude, discovering how wonderful life can be!! Uplifting Joyful Experience comes:
“Sing like even nobody listening”, “Love like never you’ve heard before”, “Dance like nobody watching”, “Live like heaven in earth” And find your Evolution as “Reflection of Love”!!