Much Love, Peace, Harmony as you enter New Year, 2017!


Monday with Hiah Park
December 26, 2016 & January 2, 2017


This is last week of 2016.
It is time of ending and completion of one year and beginning of another new year.
It is great time to looking inward and deeper view with your self and set the intention of coming year.
It is time to release victim consciousness, anger and old resentment and make positive change, create much constructive and better life for you by connecting to higher self take a charge your own life and no more blame and victim consciousness. It is time to recognize how powerful and strong you are, and take responsibility with your own life.
It is very powerful time for creating new reality and purpose. Tap in to your soul, your Spirit, stop pointing finger to others to blame. It is time to shift our consciousness, alternative way of thinking. It will lead us to higher principle of love, the unity consciousness from the core of higher self, higher Spiritual law.
Shining the light in the truth and honesty, you will access from higher Source, becoming your own power by release all your victim consciousness.
It is new beginning,
This week, December 29, we have Capricorn new moon. It is time to recharging our self. Invite our deeper conversation with our intention down to earth, more creative, more inspire, looking at what can be done, find your hidden talent.
Set your intention into positive energy, creativity, imagination, spirituality, best life you truly desire, what you want to create in year of 2017.
It is the time to create what you want to manifest, like mountain goat, climbing the top of the mountain to achieve your unique contribution for the society.
What is your passion? Follow your passion, nourish and nurture your passion. You can discipline and focus and determine couple with creativity and innovation, originality, constructive changes.
Be ready for the new opportunity. You are creating your own reality with your thought with your powerful words and your belief. Take advantage of this new moon by setting intentions, achievement of your goal.
Choose to be happy today. When you change inside, you have power. Happiness is choice.
May you raise you up your Power,
All your Splendor.
All your Glory,
You can create Prosperity, Success, Love, Beauty, Freedom, Truth,
Be powerful creator!!
Set you be Free.
Much Love, Peace, Harmony as you enter New Year, 2017.
“Happy New Year!!!”