Happy New Year, 2017 Every one !!!


Monday with Hiah Park
January, 9 & 16, 2017


Happy New Year, 2017 Every one !!!


It is great time to spend some time with the Nature and think about what is most important, and make choice of commitment.
Have a meaningful and soulful, spiritual purpose without any distraction.
Purposeful, guided intention, revolutionary changes, and define our selves powerful and motivating goal. What needs to coming in and what needs to get out of the way, what is my strength, and what is my role in our society?


It is time to get sincere with what we are doing and not fall into victim, not fall into escapism.


January 12, we have very sensitive Cancer Full Moon. It will bring us grate sensitivity, vulnerability. Instead of feeling of victim from 3D reality, look into bigger picture of our life; “design of Creator”, participate part of that design. Know what need to be done in order to fulfill our dreams and destiny. Higher Spiritual dimension, shift and expand our consciousness. Open our Third Eye and prepare for “Illumination”, prepare for “Golden Age”, Co-Creating the Future into Divine Design by soaking into our truth, soaking into our commitment.
It is year of adventure, excitement, unpredictable, and fast moving year.
We need to flow with it, not against it. Take a deep Breath, and be imaginative with higher Reality. Reflect inwardly, seriously about deeper aspect of our life. When great new opportunity comes to you, leave past behind, and free from past and step into future, your own unique truth, it is very “Altruistic” year, realization of true sense of spirituality.
Receive higher information from the “SOURCE”, High Lightening Evolutionary Energy. Go very gently, in this Cancer Full Moon, feeling is very high, very sensitive, sympathetic, emphatic, at the same time impulsive, craving freedom and independent mixed feelings. This Full Moon brings us into culmination of past, and new direction in purposeful, focused action. Very strong intensity is giving us opportunity to find our own truth and path and create our new community to support this new reality.

We need to clearly see, with great attention in 2017.
Withdraw, reflect and digest what’s happening, 2017