Let's Make Good Things Happen!!


Monday with Hiah Park
January 23 & 30, 2017

On January 28, we have New Moon in Aquarius and Chinese New Year, Year of Fire Rooster.
Let’s make Good things Happen!!
With Sensibility & Responsibility
A vision for the future & New Beginning!
Great sense of Newness & Sense of Hope!
Awakening our truth within you!
Reclaiming our Divinity, Divine Birth Right!
State of Ease, and Grace!
Restoring Sense of Stability
You are the Creator of Paradise on Earth!
Joyful Loving Relationship for Vitality and Creative as state of being in daily life.
Peace, Joy, Abundance in our Existence is our Deep Root of Yearning.
It is time for teaming up with Soul Companion.
Enjoy resilient, Strengthen and Healthier Body.
Internal change is happening very rapidly.
Access more wisdom from Higher Source.
Focus will be more preventive Medicine, Maintaining Loving Thought in your Vibration.
“Pain” is telling you something is “missing”.
Have a Multiple level of Awareness.
Make necessary Adjustment as quickly as possible and return to sense of Harmony.
Find your Uniqueness is so special, so beautiful and precious.
It is your “Warm and Shining Soul-Self”, available for the Inspiration and Guidance through expansion of the Higher Consciousness.