Leo Full Moon, Sun in Aquarius.


Monday with Hiah Park

February 6 & 13, 2017


February 10th, we have Leo Full Moon, Sun in Aquarius. It is first lunar eclipse this year followed by Solar eclipse on 26 of February.
This will be very uplifting and inspiring energy if you combine with discipline, creativity and responsibility and higher consciousness. This can open the new door for you with new ideas and solution of old problems.
Fiery & Dynamic Lunar Eclipse brings Beginning and Completion. It is very intense Uplifting Energy.
Combine with Responsibility and Creativity. This will bring to new opportunity.
This month we are dancing with planet Uranus, ‘Lightening’ & ‘Awakening’, it wakes us up, the energy of the ‘being Original’, and break into genius craziness and connect to your own soul’s Authenticity, ‘Be really who you are’. Find your own voice and speak the truth. Leo ruled by Sun, you are the King and Queen in your Universe and you are the ‘Star of your Life’. This month we need to digest of ideas of, ‘Freedom, Abundant for everyone. Balancing the power, Men and Women , practice the Goddess Energy, using both female and male energy.
Honoring your Originality, “ You are the Light Bearer, who can create the Golden Age”
Using your Creativity, move to new direction.
Tap into fun, talent of your uniqueness and honor it. Shining your soul, into Inspiring, Encouraging, and uplifting, ‘Original Being’.
It is time for ‘Healthy Relationship’ with all our surroundings, open into new situation. Replace ‘fear’ into ‘Enthusiasm’. Open yourself into ‘trying New things, willingness and open to fresh new beginning. Beauty and vitality, and be abundant, be Free!!
Question, what you believe?
Is it holding you back your fullest potential?
We are entering Aquarian Age, ‘Age of Truth’, Freedom, ‘Age of Liberation’ and it will shake us from old system into ‘true to who you are, ‘Love who you are’.
Are you ready to move into ‘Bigger Horizon’, connect to the Super consciousness, ‘Integrating knowledge & Wisdom’, the ‘Golden Age’, in the Spiritual Dimension Together?!!