Become a Spiritual Warrior


Monday with Hiah Park
February 20 & 27, 2017


Year of 2017 is Element of Fire.
It is very fast moving energy, and we need to be grounded to keep up with this energy.
February 26, we have Super New Moon in Pisces, Solar Eclipse. It is new beginning and it is wonderful opportunity to ending addiction and old, self defeating patterns. Good time to look at what’s holding us backward.
Pisces energy, it is time for feeling strong emotionally. It is great time to look at our emotions. It is opportunity to let go of these old emotions and break habitual negative emotional patterns. Use your imaginative inner garden, landscape, feel then how I want to be in your inner space. Check it out any addiction problem, really look at life, what you need to let it go. Is there any negative attachment or co-dependencies. It is very important to recognize, not hide under the carpet. Be creative and stay in passion, and free your self from low self-esteem.
It is important to get motivated to change, and willing to do the work of self inquiry, improvement or empowerment, and tapping into the passion for your life.
Super New Moon Eclipse, you will sense of Divine Intervention, and Life changing. Use your intuition and dream and very clear intention, you will have a sense of Magical and Divine Sun & Moon, it allows to surrender and acceptance, feeling of giving up the ego. Find a way Altered State through going in Nature, Meditation, or yoga, achieving the Altered State of Consciousness, energetically. It will bring you heightened state with intuition, energizing and bring you cosmic information. Be aware sudden impulsive action, and easy to misjudging, it is necessary to set back and think before act.
Become a Spiritual Warrior. The Mythical and Magical Spiritual Warrior who is Stay in Center, Peace, & Love!!!