Monday with Hiah Park
March 20 & 27, 2017

Spring EQUINOX is already here and New Moon in Airy will be on 27 of March.
It is time to celebrate new beginning and allow feeling joy to be here on Earth.
Try something new, and find new way of Being, and Find a way to be Happy!!
Through the Joy, we may empower ourselves. Get out from limited thinking. Have a great time and live your life according to your dream. It is new cycle of Positive energy and feeling born again with sense of joy, playfulness and fresh energy. Return to sense of wonder, creativity, joy, greater and deeper sense of meaning and truth in our life!! We can have extra ordinary vision, and Brilliant original thinking, and Huge, massive primal Fire, Enthusiasm and Courage, Pioneer, Bravery, Initiatory Energy.
You may find Sudden Radical change and consciousness shift and positive manifestation externally as well as internally. Visualize what you want to in this very fresh new beginning!!