'Patient’, even midst of chaos

Monday with Hiah Park
April 3 & 10, 2017

April is dynamic month energetically. Let all the cosmic information coming through your higher Self. Let your Subconscious into Conscious Awareness. This month, 4 planets, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde and testing many aspect of our life—relationship, Friends and Romance, Self Expression. This is very interesting time to re-examine our life in all aspects.
We will expect sudden changes and you can navigate these energies wisely with yourself and others. Profound insights and innovated ideas into your being and let it grounded on your daily life and let your life into new direction. Ride a wave, focus on what is working for you and get out from conditioned & limited old self. It is great opportunity to Reflect and review and revaluates your relationship in the area of friends and romance and partnership, if this is imbalance, it is time to correct them. It is time to move on what is important to you and stand up for your own value for the deeper intimacy and personal life into conscious awareness. It is very dynamic time to make your life reactivate as your true heart’s desire and it is time to have fun and enjoy it. Reaching higher and expanded consciousness and new ways doing things should bring you lots of fun and settling and grounded energies, it will help your feet on the ground. Universe is teaching us, ‘Patient’, even midst of chaos. Take a time, do not rush, don’t be in hurry, look at the details, and finish unfinished business.

April 10th, we have very beautiful Full Moon in Libra. It is about relationship to blossom, big Hearted, Generous, and make Harmony with yourself and with your partner, and keep sense of humor, and let your shining Light toward the world around you and be a greatest Lover on this planet!!