Shake up Old Self into New!!


Monday with Hiah Park
June 5 & 12, 2017
This week, we have Uplifting, and Inspiring Sagittarius Full Moon on June 9. Planet Jupiter could help us expansion, creativity and abundant in our nature. Let this planet help us, Widening our view, Big Ideas, Higher Mind, knowledge and Communication. Lot a social energy, and get out and make a new contact, and get to start a new way doing things. It is time for new beginning, in the area of the relationship, by seeing with razor like keen awareness, what is imbalance in our relationships, make a conscious change if it is necessary, instead of complaining and repeating same behaviors.
Recognize the wealth is in your Health, and your health is depending on how you feel. Make your life best as can be with Amazing Positive Energy, Liberation, Freedom, at the same time practical. This positive energy will help your Inner Child, your Soul, and Self Appreciation. Be Authentic, Self Respect, Being truthful to your self. Love, whatever you are doing. It is time for growth of your soul. Stay focus on what is Truth for you, what is working for you, whatever heart’s desire. Be optimistic, and be hopeful. Freeing yourself from no longer serve you and trying to avoid negative energy. It is time to be Soul Evolution, Shake up Old Self into New!!