Happy Summer Solstice!!

Monday with Hiah Park
June 19 & 26, 2017


The summer solstice is upon us on June 20 and the 21st are the longest days of 2017.
Time for the feelings and ideal day for the romance and passion, not only with our boy friends and girl friends or secret lover, or mistress but with our earthly life it self.
How I connect with another person. Make yourself available to potential Lover, not only person but all living beings.
June 23 is Super New Moon in Cancer, it is time for trusting your intuition, Cancer is ruled by moon, it is time for nurturing our souls and Mother Earth and Opportunity to choose Love, instead of Fear. It is good to taking care of our Inner Child, special nurturing with this New Moon energy, more compassion and tender Love with positive way. Living Big in a tiny house with passionate Love & Romance with Your life is good thing. Life is Good & Magical, when we have Sustainable Living, It is wonderful honor to Mother Earth, grow your own organic foods in our back yard and honor what we receive from nature and enjoy fruit trees and flowers year around. Put artistic input every corner of your house. Make your living environment paradise by your imagination. Living Wild with Free Spirit, but Earthy Ground Experience and enjoy your life connecting with all living beings.
Crisis is a opportunity to make our life, simple way living. We can have a powerful choice!! New Earth Living, grow our own food is huge impact on our food security.
Practice experience using our hands, using old cycle materials as much as you can.
It is time for Caring our Sacred Earth, and connection to the Land.