Enjoy & Experience your Beautiful Heart and Beautiful Spirit!!!


Monday with Hiah Park
July 17 & 24, 2017


We will have hot burning New Moon in Leo on 23 of July. This will bring us Strong sense of dynamic energy. Use this energy wisely and avoid unwise impulsive action. With fast abundant high energy, you will get busy and fully express your self, but not trying to harm others. Good week for your “Fantasy and Dreaming”, make it into manifest. Universe will support you, if your intention is pure and impeccable. It is time to take action touch into reality. It will bring you amazing power, if you want to have this Roaring Lion Energy, you got to be poses positive and constructive energy to manifest this energy even you do not know what is going on at the moment. Be Grounded, Practical, and Connect with real world. Be touch with your body, be healthy and focus your mind, connect with what you need in your relationships. It is important time to be clear the foggy mind, visualize what you really want and make it happen. Communicate with confident, with your own power and Explore, and trying something new and find a new way to communicate with loved ones and friends with loving compassionate attitude all around you and put that energy into universe and our planet Earth.
You can push through obstacles, by using your passion, enthusiasm, and healthy confidence. When you have Loving, Nurturing attitude, universe will support you deeper into your higher self.
Make yourself available to Every one around you, using up roaring unstoppable Lion Energy and keep positive energy will change the foggy mind and situation.
New Moon is great time to put the seeds what you really want to achieve in your life. Using this powerful New Moon energy, have a sense of humor and enjoying life rather than habitual struggle. Have lots of fun and enjoy creative life style and bring lots of new energy , “Love and Respect and Gratitude “into your life.
Be spontaneous and transform the past failure into new situation and make your life easier and happier and content. It is time to get start something very meaningful for your life. Be wise, be resourceful, and create long terms interest in your life. Ask, What is my passion? And connect with optimistic, fun, enthusiasm,


Enjoy & Experience your :
Beautiful Heart, and Beautiful Spirit!!!