Let Bliss guide your Life

 Monday with Hiah Park
July 31 & August 7, 2017

We will have two Eclipse in this month, one is Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, on August 7 and New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on 21 of August. It is great time for looking into our Heart, inner landscape, and expecting Strong Energy shift, and shake up our personal evolution. It is very powerful time for inner change. Ask questions, what is really our heart’s desire in long terms of our life? It is time for Ending and New Beginning. We need to letting go of which does not serving us anymore, and New Beginning for inner awakening, and have a love affair with new way of thinking and developing Higher Self with sense of adventure and finding your true destiny. Where we need to be honest with ourselves, greater sense of healing with every aspect of our true self. If you want something, find the focus what is worth to you. Love brings us Joy in our life.
Shaking out old routine and bring positive change to your relationships and enjoy the freedom from misery and try something differently. It is very strong energy change, ending and new beginning. It is great time to birth to New Self, Innovative, spiritual Awakening. Finding your tribe, step toward Heart Energy, shifting our consciousness into Innovation, Inspiration. Let Bliss guide your Life and Celebrate uniquely who you are!!