Powerful Eclipse period now

Monday with Hiah Park
August 14 & 21, 2017


We have very powerful Eclipse period now, on August 21, we have very powerful Solar Eclipse in Leo New Moon.
It is very Powerful New Beginnings in every aspect in our life. It will bring us powerful recognition that many of us will ascend to the 5th Dimension or at least interested in to achieve 5th Dimensional Being, Super High Vibrational Being who is able to discover the Universe inside of you. You will recognize the Shift of the Consciousness in Higher Dimension. This is the reason we are here in the planet Earth and it is our personal choice step into unknown world, and not afraid to experience the Higher Self, and Uniting with Universal Consciousness, which is our True Authentic Self.
Experiencing Divine Light and not afraid to express Unconditional Love by Witnessing this Pure Source of Divine Light everywhere. This Paradise on Earth will only manifest when we integrate ourselves Aligning with Divine Love, and Expanding our Consciousness with Illuminated Divine Love in every second, and Awaken with our Highest Truth and Surrender to greater Divine Realm. This requires experiencing the higher Vibration physically and mentally and spiritually and truly understanding that you are the Divine Being in human form. Awakening this Authentic Self, the Multi Dimensional Self, requires keen Awareness and Integration and Presence in every action you make. Those are very important ingredients to be 5th Dimensional Being, to manifest Union with High Vibrational Being, one with Divine, ‘Source’.
You can use this powerful Eclipse period, to help to Up Grade Divine Being into your physical form.
Recognizing God is Unconditional Love and Super Consciousness, by your own Free Will, you can choose to be State of Divine Being. For this, we need to abandon our destructive old patterns and old habits, and release the old conditions, old emotional pains of the past, guilt, shame and Embrace and Surrender to Divine Light and become one with the Source.
This will bring us, Effortlessness of Well Being, if you ‘Love and Peace’ how powerful can be, just imagine this state of permanent ‘Peace and Love’, without constant chatter of Mind. ‘No – mind’, slow down the Mind, then perception of time will change, as our vibration changes, we are able to live on present moment effortlessly without worrying about the future. As Earth is Shifting, we are entering into New Paradigm now.
Enjoy more Soulful Experiences. Let your Soul be Nourished and Celebrate your Authentic Selves with Soul Tribe!!!
It is time to Remembering “You are the Source of Light, and Creating Future Reality. Know yourself, it is not the time to identify you with limited Ego, it is OK to face the fear, however,
Learn to Dance of Totality and Freedom!!!
Please join me in October 10-15 this year for the Rainbow Body.