Union with the Cosmos

Monday with Hiah Park
August 28 & September 4, 2017


Lord, you are my lover,
My longing,
My flowing stream
My sun,
And I am your reflection.


___Mechtild of Magdeburg


When the Kundalini reaches the crown, the inner lovers unite, and one experiences union with the cosmos.
The Kung people of the African Kalahari Desert call it num. They, too, say that num resides at the base of the spine. In dance ceremonies that last all night long, they seek to awaken num and channel it up their spine. When their num awakens, they move into states of trance and perform healings upon each other.
The Kundalini does indeed hold the secrets of embodied vibrational transformation.
If we are concerned not only transcendence but with the enlightenment of physical matter and of the body, then we can not ignore the great serpent deity that resides within us. The Kundlaini is a pure life-force, it is neither good nor bad, neither beneficial nor harmful. It is like electricity or nuclear energy: depending on how one uses its immense power, it can make one a saint, or a monster. The stronger the energetic current we run through our systems, the more firmly we need to be anchored in purity, integrity, and compassion.
Tantra(Eros) merely supports the natural tendency of sexual energy to evoke states of bliss and ecstasy.
God is for me, very intimate personal connection, flooded with indescribable joy and love in it’s erotic nature, and it gives me passion of vibrant life-force which flowering of devotion and feel need him as personal relationship as I am God’s partner.
Prayer is a personal talk with God.
The true manner of a priestess or shaman is centered herself in the intersection between the worlds, offering her heart as the gateway through which divine love came streaming in. The intensity of her devotion drew the Kundalini up into her heart chakra and released wave of orgasmic bliss, which can be experienced any part of the body, not just the genitals.
When we understand sexual arousal as indication that the life-force is streaming through us, then we can appreciate that sexual ecstasy does not depend on only genital contact, we start to understand the footsteps of Eastern as well as Western mystics throughout the ages who had mystical eroticism, which I believe, the ancient called God, Eros.
The path as a love affair with God, God as ultimate lover, source of incomparable ecstasy and unsurpassed pleasure, experienced ecstatic union with God.
Let may new definition of Sexy, means Kindness & Unconditional Love toward the Humanity. I hope we are all lucky enough taste of this divine love in human form in our life time.