Happy New Year 2018

Monday with Hiah Park

January 1 & 8, 2018


Happy New Year, 2018!!
This year begins with Powerful Super Full Moon in Cancer. It is perfect energy to understanding truly who you are and what we value in our life. This energy will help us nurturing our deeper desires, what we really want in our life. If you feel it, and dream it, and act upon it, realizing, you are the creator of your own life, we can transform our lives as we want.
When you are ready, all those manifestation will happen to you, just by listening to your inner guidance, and trust, and it will going to working out for you. Listen to your true intuitive feelings, let motivate your fire concern to bigger picture connecting your highest Self with other peoples.
It is perfect humanitarian beginning, with magical Full Moon, and it is great time to use our free will to act and allow blossom of our thoughts, the divine perfection.
There will be lots of shifting, restructuring in terms of how we live our life, how we are using our time, to be more peaceful and balance, re-energizing physically and emotionally and spiritually.
It is great opportunity to integrate and find creative solution, fully express who we are and coming out from old stuck situation.
Illuminate our true desire, investigating our unconscious desire from deep soul of sacred connection. Reflect in deep soul’s journey, powerful unconscious desire.
Observe and illuminate and be honest, be open, be still and be clear with whole spectrum of truly who we are-rather communicate and express, not suppress and deny. Aligning with honest authentic Self with “Desire & Passion” and becoming creative and spontaneous integrated authentic human Being. Value our electro magnetic unwavering foundation in our power, individually by reinventing our identity.
It is time to be real in this world.
Don’t be afraid. “Initiate” yourself into New Being.
Be powerful, de-conditioning from conditioned our past, childhood which kills our creativity and “Divine Child”, the “God” in us.
Doing something different, in changing the rules, as much coping the rules.
“Self-Empower yourself”, make your own rules.
Discover your own unique Authentic Self in 2018.