New Moon in Capricorn


Monday with Hiah Park
January 16 & 23, 2018
Tuesday, January 16 is Amazing New Moon in Capricorn and 6 planets, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn, are moving direct in Capricorn. This strong Capricorn energy is urging us moving forward set the new intention in our life. This is exciting energy building toward set the tone of Freedom, Spiritual Awakening, and it is wonderful time shifting our consciousness.
Ask our self, “How are you?” in profound level, “Who are you?”, as individual essence. It is great opportunity to dig into “Individual Consciousness”. What are your goals? What can you do personally for the Earth, in order to heal the planet Earth? An example, Start to grow Organic Vegetables, Learn to Become a Master, tune into higher frequency, and raise the vibrations of your environment. Become a Master of your own destiny.
The image of Capricorn is Integrity, patient, wisdom of Brilliant Focus. This special energy can bring us Miraculous Healing, Magical possibility, by having compassion for others.
This is year of Go after your desire,
Go after your Soul Mate,
Go after your Passion.
Know you are powerful Co-Creator.
Claim your Power and Authority, and Ability to make it Happen.
Stay focus, and keep moving forward, like a mountain goat, moving upward top to the mountain.
Meditate on your vision, hold on to the vision, go after heart’s desire.
Be bold, Be brave, use Empowering Energy allow Prosperous.
Be pregnant with your deepest desire.
On this Powerful New Moon, you are planting new beginning and make your dream come true.