Super Blue Moon in Leo

Monday with Hiah Park

January 29 & February 5, 2018


Wednesday, 31 of January is Lunar Eclipse and also Super Blue Moon in Leo. This will be most powerful transit you may experience. It can bring us lots of new beginning as well as ending. Raise your vibration powerfully, to wrapping up unfinished business. This is powerful transition from dreamy Neptunian energy into revolutionary Age of Aquarian. Planets are trying to wake us up from Patriarch condition into Liberation through emotional detachment, and objective space, higher consciousness.

Confronting your own reality, and able to see Change, Release Free ourselves, Letting go of old conditions.

Evolutionary New Self,

Revolting our Family conditioning, Racial conditioning, Religious conditioning, Sexual conditioning, Unhealthy Co-Dependent Relationship.
We have enough of that.

Revel against even our own self.

We want to look at constructive way to observe, few step back, non-attachment.

Stir up the “Cage”…, “detach” in order to conscious awareness of our unfinished business. Discard all our conditioning is very scary process. However, we can start to look at “Life as experiment”.

Don’t get caught up rigidity.

Not overly identify with old conditions, detach from that. We need to step back look at ourselves, “wounded child”, “early childhood condition”, we can see repeative patterns in our relationship, sexual relationship issue, Power & Powerlessness.

It is time to encourage every one move into positive New Paradigm movement: Anti or Reviewing, Doctors, Dogma of Religion and against old identity emerge coming together with new group same idea, same vision, innovate new future by sharing our resources.

Fighting against and resist, and Confronting with old identity, fragmented self with guilt, shame, and doubt require powerful positive New Age Evolutionary Energy, like Lava.

Let’s look at the positive side of this process. We can open up our crown chakra, and discover Divinity, Divine child within through our creativity and spiritual practice.

We can leap towards Self-Actualization, finding our own unique Gift & Capacity moving into as Seer, Visionary for the future, the Golden Age and Evolutionary Growth,

Become a Model, and Example.

Coming out from hiding in the Box and closet, be Seen.

We are Mother or Midwife of New Birth of Golden Age.

It is time for “Mobilize” our hidden Gift in each one of us