Enjoy the Bliss!


Monday with Hiah Park
February 12 & 19, 2018


This coming week, we have Valentine’s Day on February 14 & Solar Eclipse on February18.
It is great time to Experience Sacred Sexual Union with Loved Ones for the sake of Evolutionary Journey of your Soul.
Once upon a time, our Sexuality was considered as the most Intense Spiritual Dimension.
Sacred Sex is a form of Spiritual Union one can experience based on intense arousal of emotions with Self and your loved one as a way of Meditation. It gives a chance to the lovers to make spiritual bond with his/her own body & soul with the partner to bring intense feelings of positive emotions and transcend into higher consciousness.
It adds dimensions of Spiritual Love to one’s psyche,. It can be also practiced alone or with a partner. It is not guided to satisfy sexual desires, but to achieve a state of Divine Ecstasy, which is beyond physical dimensions. It gives an opportunity to understand each other and bring your best in the bonding process, brings an intense emotional love between the two partners by activating sexual channels in the brain and your heart (body). It takes the couple to new divine dimensions to explore how much they can achieve Empowering Consciousness for Self and your partner. It stimulate you spiritually, physically, emotionally and sexually to reboot your overall well-being.


Breath!! and let go of control while these sounds empower your mind (Soul) and body.


Enjoy the Bliss!
Happy Valentine!!