Connection to Collective Unconsciousness

Monday with Hiah Park
February 26 & March 5, 2018


We are entering sun in dreamy planet, Neptune, Pisces. Pisces represent Very Spiritual, self sacrificing, intuitive, and psychic energy, connection to collective unconsciousness, or akashic memory revealing, uncovering the mystery.
Key here is, Be open minded, Be aware, Be flexible, Calm ourselves, Greater Expansion, Seeing a bigger picture, Be Holistic, by coming into our Heart, Be Romantic with ourselves.
Deeply Imaginative, set the long terms goal, connecting our truth, and not denying personal needs, also accept where we are right now.. To be successful means Spiritual attainment in our partnership, and relationship for connection, we can work together, while we keep independent and freedom, give each other space, still can be romantic and passionate and spicy hot.
Integrate between Dance of Union & Separation while we are Celebrating life together,
March 1, in US, March 2, in Europe, we have powerful Virgo Full Moon. This energy will help us practical level, feeling something positive change by listening Spiritual information, and practical guidance. It is wonderful time to create sense of beauty, Sense of wisdom on introspective way.
Feeling of Fruits of your labor, sense of achievement. It is time for the Early Spring de clutter, most efficient way, not only materially, but emotionally also.
Watch a breath, mindful way, tune into your state of frequency is wonderful practice.
It is also great time to detoxification. Healing physically & emotionally also with clean diet.
It is wonderful time to meditate connect to the Source. Loose your self dynamically, by writing, painting, listening music, loosing yourself in the moment.
Enjoy sense of Love and harmony, mental clarity, sense of strength and sense of hope, healing possibility.


There is Blessing Energy, it is all up to us how to use our Free Will.