Summer - Eclipse


AUGUST 6 & 13, 2018


This summer, we are having three Eclipse. Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 11, Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27, and Leo Solar Eclipse on August 11.
Moon’s Nodes are going through Aquarius and Leo.
It’s been wild ride, fast moving pace of change. Eclipse are most powerful transit you can experience and major completion in your life. We are also having summer of Retrograde. Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron are moving backward and Uranus will join them on August 7. It means 6 Planets are reversing at the time of Eclipse on August 11. It is incredible reverse energy. It is very unique Leo New Moon. Leo rules Heart, rules children, include your inner child, your soul. Leo is about Leadership, creativity, being Authentic and true to your Nature and desire to express your truth. Leo teaches us living from our Heart and Passion. It is time to ask, “What does our heart want?” “Where is our passion?” This Eclipse can be really stirs up our hearts. It is time to deeper looking at these questions.
Pluto urges us changes, rebirth in all things, in our work, in our identity, in our finances, in our relationship, in our career, in our health. It brings cosmic message for you during time of Eclipse. It is our destiny to make it happen because hand of God is directing you during this time. It is very important time to clean up our negative Ego and take time to listen Divine message.
We need to Be patient, Be humble, and Pay attention to the signs come to you, prepare move on to the next level. Get out in the nature and listen to your soul and Inner child, listen when God is talking to you directly during this Solar Eclipse.
It is best time to let go of which is no longer serving you, and it is time to plant the seed into fertile ground.
It will be fun ride if you go with flow, and stay out of drama coming from egotistic selfish emotions.
We are living in the time of waking up and preparing for the birth of Aquarian Age.
Mars squares Uranus, this intense energy triggers it can provoke our tempers, specially those people who are really angry.
People can be over reacting to the smallest things. Make sure you get plenty rest because this energy can really burn you out. Be vulnerable to experience Mystery of Life.
Personal relationship may be under the gun during August month with Mercury retrograde in Leo. Leo rules heart, in the area of romance and true love. The relationships are very challenge at this time of Eclipse. We could misunderstand our partner, easily misunderstand and argument with nothing. Be aware of what’s pushing your button, and why you are reacting the way you are. It is very stubborn energy, because all these inflexibility of fixed signs.
Important message of this month is Living from your heart, and true to yourself, no matter what situations you are in.
Mercury retrograde gives us chance to reflect, review and remember our lessons:
Be observer of your life, and rise above your drama and recognize you are the creator of your own life and your own happiness.
Be flexible and adaptable during these ocean of chaos and change, and mindset to grow through pain and suffering instead of victimization of self pity.
With this positive attitude, life is supporting me and guiding me, and improve myself, becoming better people.


Gently, gracefully, expand our awareness and our limitations.


Death & Rebirth, it is Huge period of Transformation.
It is Very Big Time.
Hopefully we are able to shift from “Head” to “Heart”. So we are able to seeing from the higher dimension.


Enjoy Vitality,
Sense of Freshness,
Bring new Light
Deep into your Heart!!!