Feel the Presence of Love


Monday with Hiah Park
August 20 & 27, 2018


This week we are entering into Sun in Virgo and Full Moon in Pisces on August 26.
This Full Moon Energy shows us power of gentleness and kindness and peace within. By listening quiet whispering intuitive inner voice. We need to take some quiet time to raise our higher perspective in order to spire up to next dimension spiritually. This Full Moon Energy will bring us positive surprise and very powerful wonder, if we are ready. This mystical Piscean energy will remind us, we are not only physical being but as much as we are Spiritual Being. It is good time to reflect and ask yourself, “Where you are now in your spiritual path?” It is energy of Illumination, and heightened awareness of personal spiritual evolution. What did we learn last 12 months previous cycle? Now you are ready to go on next level. You can find a peace within, by Accept what it is and moving forward. Be quietness in humanness will assist us our dark side of fears, deep down resentment, doubts of shadow side to surrender to the bigger purpose of our life. It will stretch us into vastness of Spiritual Realm. Planet Jupiter is helping us to see our higher self of bigger picture, and learning wisdom from shadow side of unconscious part in us. Discovering hidden talents bring into the light and continuing to expand to the higher dimension. Here we need to have mental strength, despite of our fears to support this process. New understanding who you are, clear understanding what is your value, and self worth.
Moon Sextile with Saturn and Uranus, all in harmony position during this Full Moon, creating shape of kite. This kite is lifting us up to where you want to soar. Where do you want to soar up with easy and grace in Soul level, toward the Universal Self.
Uranus brings out our Subconscious memory and desire to deconditioning from Saturnian constructs and release from construction. This release triggers for transformation, Liberation, Freedom. It will become blue print to your future self, to free from social, familial, religious, educational, career boundaries and restrictions and breaking new ground. This will lead us place of healing and awakening and liberation. And learn to breathe air and ideas that we want to journey back to our own bigger Self who has connection to the Ultimate Whole with Divine Source Within. Uranus invites us to use our own authority, free from the basis of our resume, and credentials and asking for liberation, for resolution. And it is time to be awaken, shake our vibratory field, and integrate and heal and allow ourselves to be free which no longer serves us.
It is cycle of uplift, Uranus reminds us go beyond Survival, and vision your dream much bigger. Remembering our own value and interconnectedness of all life and share with Gaia, Mother Earth and whole humanity. We are arrived and preparing the Aquarian Age with Uranus in Taurus.
Uranus is our liberator and future self. It may shock us from the Taurean comfort zone, but it can be channeled and allow ourselves attuned to our own nature by increased awareness of our own vibratory field. During this transition through Taurus, we can practice grounding the genius that comes through Uranus and release the shaky energy of our past trauma and practice to channel the energy and release the excess. In our higher mind, the lightening of Uranus can be channeled, instead of burning house down, it make pure inspirational electricity in our nervous system.
Uranus energy appear as trauma, shock, awe, liberation, alienation, however, we can allow ourselves to perceive as pure inspiration leading into a full, and a conscious life.


Let this Pisces Full Moon bring to us:
Absence of hatred
Absence of harm
Feel the Presence of Love
Presence of Stability
Presence of Well-Being
Promise of Joyful Journey
The Promise of Exhilaration & Bliss !!