New Moon in Virgo

September 3 & 10, 2018

We are in the month of Virgo season. Virgo is representing High Priestess, she is connect to Earth, she is Medicine Woman, she is tune with her body and create Master Piece with her Life.
This begins with Self and focus on Self healing, to be strong and confident.
The key words here is “Relationship”
Relationship is big theme going on this summer, 2018.
Lots of reflecting and reviewing what we value, what we sharing, what we cherishing our value with others and the world around and finding balance and harmony in relationship. And asking the questions;
Is this relationship actually supported mutually, actually functioning healthy and harmoniously allows us come together more intimately as well as well sharing our own uniqueness individual gifts without conflicts and disturbance?
New moon in Virgo on September 9, is very nurturing, practical grounding and beautiful supportive energy to improve our selves to heal, fix, solve and more efficient in highest form. It is looking for simplicity, looking for solutions, and looking for where we need to go, for crystal clear direction. It also looking for Cleanliness, clear the excess clutters in your house, in your head what you need to be simplify so we can focus what we need to be prioritize. This beautiful New Moon energy urging us forward and comeback to ourselves and notice what we need to do and take care of ourselves.
This New Moon has powerful support from outer planet Pluto. Pluto trine Sun and Moon, it gives us powerful download of support. It has been difficult process of transformative inner work you’ve been doing, Pluto support us feeling grounding and stability in our body, in our sense of purpose, bring us sense of new strength. Pluto is representing Soul’s Evolution, how you are mastering brand newness to your Soul. This is acknowledgement energy, Pluto is saying to us Transformation is happening to you, and you are supported new version of Self.
Honoring what you’ve been working through during three eclipses season in this summer, we will start to feel integration of Self as grounded reality really who you are now. Addition to this, Sun and Moon are receiving from Jupiter in Scorpio energy. Jupiter also represent Transformation, saying to us, “you are strong enough” keep the positive energy and balance humanness and spiritual being. Jupiter is teaching us the wisdom to Sense the grounded support in the higher realm.
For this you need to relax and letting go of old habits of the survival fears.
Let go and Let God allow us trust and surrendering to the receptive mode.
Allow the divine support coming from huge cosmic spectrum of Divine Light. Regain clarity, sense of direction and communication by reflecting sense of individual purpose, sense of specialness, with your own unique identity, truly gifted who you are. This feeling of specialness, sense of uniqueness of who you are, will help you finding connection, and illuminate your sense of purpose. We wake up every day with sense of reason to be live, and having sense of energy to be alive and it will gives us sense of connecting bigger than our selves,.
It will give us sense of adventurous being as human being, As Contributing unique self expression, finding sense of service allows us feel more fulfillment.
Other lovely energy here is Grand trine on Earth sign energy, with giant triangle. It brings us different vibration in our body and getting stuff done. It brings us New Reflection of Self. Honoring this Change, and Commitment, we will Feel Fresh Feel Open Ourself, Feel New Possibility and Ankering Our Dreams and Visions, start to have Healthy Diet and Healthy Routine.
We are not doing old way, rather ahead of time forward thinking, or humanitarian in nature, evoke more sense of excitement and sense of purpose guaranteed more success, by willing to take risk something doing differently, improve better way doing things, healthy relationship with Life itself.

Hope this New Moon in Virgo bring us:

Manifestation of Prosperity.

Manifestation of Healthy Relationship.

Feeling of Satisfaction & Content.

Feeling of Appreciation.

Experience of Divine Rapture.