Eternal Dance of Evolutional Soul

September 24 & October 1, 2018


We are entering Sun in Libra, sign of Harmony & Balance. And we entered powerful Fall Equinox on 22 of September, hit the mid point of equal day, equal night.
On September 24, we have Aries Full Moon. And in the sky, we have Mars Squaring Uranus, it means restless period, erratic, rebellious energy running through us really digging up our old wounds and bring us healing force forward many layers of onion of our past. This Full Moon can Illuminate our old wounds bring us powerful Healing Journey. Healing our sexual energy, oppression and sexual trauma. Sexuality is more than just pleasure or having fun and sleep with whoever or mere reproduction. Sexuality is fundamental creative force in us. Healing our sense of soul’s Innocence and divine flow and Healing our Victim mentality, and deeper sense of who we are as individual and come out from hiding, and Healing our confident. At the same time it is opportunity to purging out our old wounds to surface so we can clean up and actualize our deeper desires into reality.
It has been very interesting time, the eternal dance of Light & Darkness, Masculine & Feminine, and Positive & Negative, Inside and Outside, Yin & Yang. We are living in polarizing dualistic reality back and forth. It is not about good and bad, right and wrong, it is about what it is, we are creating, according to what we need.. It has been very big time of Alchemical year, if you recognize it, very intense period of Chaos; ”The Dance of Darkness and Light” hit each other as big bomb: the old have to be destroyed yet the new is not born yet. We have been slap repeatedly, and life is trying to wake up us from illusion and asking us, “Stand up straight, getting ourselves together, in terms of, “Who are you?”, ”Can I trust you?”, “ Are you good or bad?”, there has been lot of evaluation going on between us. Are you evolved enough?
This long night of “Dark Night of Soul”, as old mythical symbol, the Serpent is eating it’s own tail.
This has been very intense year, “Alchemy of Transformation” through “Death and Resurrection”, we have been walk through the valley of darkness. Light shown upon through darkness, for those ready to transform their life. It has been big year of transformation, if you willing to recognize the Light of Spirit, the Unity Consciousness of Celestial world. “Light & Dark” make love together, coming together and create new birth, re-emergence of getting into new beginning. After the dark night, Sun needs to be rise. We need to Master ourselves, our Values, “Who am I?”, “What are my Priority?”, Of Eternal Dance of “Evolutional Soul”. “Do I lost in temporal impermanence?”, or “Do I look for the Eternal?” We are on the “Cycle of time”.
Hopefully we are evolved into “New “Person”. We created ourselves “Who I am?” into new person after these intense Eclipse Season. It is time for us pushing through as New birth, it is time for us Liberation from old dysfunctional self. Let go of past, and ready for New Relationship with Evolved Authentic New Self.